Company Profile: Waterman Insurance

Since opening for business December 1, 2000, my focus has been to help individuals, families, small businesses and groups who want to be more than just a number. I never wanted to be the biggest agency, instead, my focus has been to offer quality products that meet consumer demands while specializing in outstanding, personalized customer service.

I am extremely selective about the products I offer. It's simple....if I won’t consider purchasing a product for myself or the special people in my life….I won’t be offering it to you.

While voice mail is necessary for those calls we occasionally miss, you will never, ever be required to press a number or become lost in an automated response system like with larger companies.


So whether you need Life, Health, Dental, Medicare or Group coverage in Oklahoma; or Global Medical, Trip Cancellation, Emergency or Sky Evacuation protection for a trip around the World, Waterman Insurance is committed to helping you protect you and your dreams.

If you'd like to learn more about Waterman Insurance and our commitment to helping you, please give us a call or send a text to (918) 407-1006.

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Things every consumer should know....









Did you know?

Do you know?


Most private and group insurance plans

Do not provide coverage while traveling

outside the United States!


…anyone who spent months saving for and  booked their dream vacation


Speaking from experience, traveling in the US or Abroad is an exciting adventure!


Unexpected illness, injury or medical emergency not only disrupts your adventure, it can be extremely expensive.


Global Medical protection will get you the medical care you need without

breaking your bank





And then lost their investment due to circumstances out of their control?  


Was it easy for them to recoup their prepaid costs for Cruise or Airline tickets

 or prepaid Hotel rooms?


TRIP Cancellation coverage protects against losses due to the unexpected